The Future of Hydraulics

Connected Hydraulics will use the power and intelligence of Bosch Rexroth’s advanced hydraulics technology to set new benchmarks for performance, functionality and life span.

Mastering force and torque

Bosch Rexroth combines knowledge of the physics of hydraulics with fresh insights on how hydraulics can meet new needs. Breakthroughs using smart technologies vastly multiply the ways in which hydraulics can serve the most demanding industrial requirements.

Core laws of physics govern how hydraulics work. They are the starting point—not limits, but foundations. Connected Hydraulics will go beyond these laws to meet the needs of industry.


Application-proven power

High-performance steel extrusion presses at work around-the-clock. Bucket wheel reclaimers digging for maximum productivity. Advanced, ultra-precise machine tools. Across these and many more industrial applications, the power and sophistication of hydraulics enable highly competitive global industries.

Simplify your design

Connect the virtual world with the real one through simulation tools that leverage Bosch Rexroth’s understanding of hydraulics physics and system performance. Build and test smart hydraulic systems virtually to optimise your design before actual component fabrication.

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Transform engineering

New hydraulic controls and electro-hydraulic systems increase the value of hydraulics. Digital design configurators make the creation of complex systems like hydraulic power units fast and easy. Products like the Sytronix variable-speed pump drive system demonstrate how intelligent electric drives and hydraulics combine to reach new levels of efficiency. New, compact hydraulics also provide a modular solution for multiple applications.

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Streamline your installation

Our Connected Hydraulics portfolio includes “plug-and-play” electro-hydraulic systems like our servo-hydraulic axis, engineered to be the perfect fit for specific machine requirements and readily networked into automation architectures.

Maximise your productivity

Connected Hydraulics will help reduce energy consumption, improve predictive maintenance, increase flexibility, and maximise machine uptime and productivity.

Smart, networkable hydraulics for Industry 4.0 plants integrate seamlessly into horizontal and vertical networks. Bosch Rexroth combines its experience in both hydraulics AND motion control to provide manufacturing flexibility and new levels of automation productivity.

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Leverage the cloud

Networked hydraulics will transform the industrial enterprise. Machines and production lines equipped with smart hydraulics will communicate in an efficient, open fashion, sharing real-time performance data and supporting capabilities such as remote monitoring and preventative maintenance.

The result: longer machine lifetimes, less machine downtime and maximum return on investment.

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Minimise your downtime:
Predictive Maintenance

Connected Hydraulics drives and components are ready for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. Industry 4.0. Intelligent sensors, controls and drives form the basis for comprehensive Predictive Analytics.

With the Online Diagnostic Network (ODiN) service package, Condition Monitoring becomes more powerful, reliable, efficient and economic than ever. ODiN enables predictions on the status of the current “health” of your machines and systems. Quickly carry out analyses yourself to keep full control of your data.

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Extend Predictive Maintenance globally: Use the IoT-Gateway to connect through the cloud to Industry 4.0 environments. This lets you optimise manufacturing and minimise downtime across multiple production lines and plant locations.

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Meet the experts

Our world-class hydraulics engineering experts are the driving force behind Connected Hydraulics. They will help you to solve your Industry 4.0 challenges.
Meet the Experts

Jake Mitchell
Product Manager – Hydraulics

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Meet the Experts

Dave Stubbs
Product Support Specialist – Hydraulics

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